Trench Dinner

I forgot to blog about this, and it is certainly blog worthy. The week before the dig, our trench had a dinner at at one of our trench leader’s houses who lives in the countryside outside of Orvieto. Freshly breaded/fried eggplant, three different types of grilled meat, fresh figs, beer, wine, and home-made tiramisu were all on the menu, as well as piazzette, which Rosanna taught us to make. Basically they’re little white pizzas, and the dough is just flour, yeast and salt, and then let the dough rise for a couple hours. Make small pizza shaped units and fry them briefly in boiling oil, and salt again when they’re out of the oil and still warm. Super delicious. They can also be sweet, and you can add sugar and/or honey, so they were sort of like a cross between sopapilla and naan, two foods to which I can relate…
We ate like we had never been fed, and it was wonderful. Rosanna and Andrea had set up tables outside, and in the cool August air we gorged ourselves with delicious food. And it was good. After dinner, two of our friends from our trench were guitar players and had brought their instruments. They played Italian songs around the fire set up in the back yard where they had grilled the meat. They also played some English songs, like Hotel California. We returned back to the convent happy and full.