I still can’t figure out Italian game shows. Really. This one, I believe it’s called Mezzogiorno in Famiglia, I caught a part of included true or false questions and the contestants would run up to someone else and pop the balloon that was in that person’s hands with a sharp tack of some sort and answer the true or false question. They received a medal if they answered correctly. I only saw a few minutes of it, so I don’t know how it started but somehow the yellow team won. Now, on the same show, a guy who is blindfolded has to try to catch a ball attached to a string, guided by a woman yelling instructions to him where the ball is and when he catches it, he has to try to hit these people standing in weird fat banana suits—presumably from the other team—and knock them down. While blindfolded. I guess the Italians and the Japanese just really love making people look like complete asses while on television. It was pretty amusing, though, to watch these people in banana suits hopping around on a bench across the room and then being hit and falling and being tended to by assistants of the show standing in white suits behind them.