This Thursday night, I went lindy hopping. I had been trying to find a good place to go, because when I had done some preliminary searches, there were so many options that it was hard to figure out exactly where would be a good venue. Some friends of a friend told me that everyone goes to the Frim Fram Jam on Thursdays. So, I planned out an evening: dinner with a friend, then meet up with another friend to get some dancing in.

I met up with a friend from early on in college and we ate at La Carbonara on 14th & 7th. It was a wonderful dinner with wonderful company and I had a wonderful time. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. (For those curious: we split a buffalo mozzarella appetizer, and I had the papardelle with bolognese sauce.) Afterward, I changed into a flippy polka dot skirt and grabbed my new Aris Allens and went to meet Paige. We found the place and followed the music. This is the part where I revel in the openness and joy that is dance.

One of the aspects of swing dance that was so attractive to me years ago when I started was how its fundamentals are more about expression, about connection between partner and sound, not about whether someone is the best dancer ever or if they’re going to win any competitions. Anyway, the jam was a blast. It was packed, and after one song everyone was drenched, but it didn’t matter. There was a very diverse crowd there, which was fun. Beginners and experts, college students and retirees, and all different colors. I had a few exceptionally great dances with some exceptional leads, but overall I just enjoyed the knowledge that I can go to any city in the world, find a place to swing dance, and it will feel like coming home.