If I hadn’t lost my will to blog about this, since it’s not as timely as it was about 2 weeks ago, I will give nutshells of my wonderful trip to Concord & Boston to visit my dear friend and former roommate, Ploy.

  • Walk to Minuteman Park. Ah, America, I love to be reminded of your courageous and revolutionary roots.
  • Lots of eating. Seriously, lots. Macaroni & cheese & hot dog & huge ice cream=delicious but wayyyyy full.
  • Jeopardy!
  • World Cup! Soccer! Yay!
  • Cooking and evening dance at Endicott College in Beverly, MA, which hosts the annual Beantown Camp. Had some really stellar dances.
  • Sunday all day in Boston! Aquarium, Duck Tour (yay! I recommend it for those of you who go to Boston!), pizza & a movie.
  • Shopping! (Holy crap, $10 Anthropologie slacks. TEN DOLLARS. IMPOSSIBLE. I thought I was riding the Heart of Gold and taking advantage of the infinite improbability drive, seriously.
  • More eating: awesome lobster bisque, crab cakes, fish, dessert, etc.
  • Toy Story 3! If you haven’t seen it, go. for real. Especially if you grew up loving those movies, or if you have kids, or just love Pixar and excellent animation. Superior.

Really, though, it was wonderful to visit Boston. I feel like that’s another city I need to spend more time in, since New York has stolen my heart, I feel like I didn’t give it as fair a shot as I should have. American history really resounds on the East coast, and even though our history is not quite as…well, old…as the history I am used to studying, it is mine. It is ours. So, being there where battles had taken place, where great men and women had died for the beliefs that founded our country, was humbling.