Last time I was in New York, I got really lucky with the theatre gods. I played the lottery and won. See, most theatres have a lottery system whereby you arrive 2.5 hours before a show and enter your name in a drawing. If you win, you get very close tickets (rows maybe 1-3ish) for a VERY reduced price. I saw In the Heights and West Side Story in 2010 from the second row; I didn’t pay more than $70 for the two shows combined. For this trip, I really only wanted to see one show: Book of Mormon. However, getting tickets for the musical that was nine Tony Awards is no small feat.

I decided to operate on the assumption that I would not be seeing that, but how would I get my theatre fix? All I had to do was think, “expecto patronum,” and Alan Rickman came to my aid. He was headlining a small but talented cast in Seminar, a play that dealt with a subject close to my heart: young folks trying to become writers. He was supported by Hamish Linklater, Jerry O’Connell,  Lily Rabe and Hettienne Park. The play was funny, poignant,  surprising. The characters were well developed and relatable. It was great to see such gifted artists on the stage. Being the dork I am, I couldn’t help but wait with the masses after the show to get my Playbill signed. Mr. Rickman smiled at everyone and seemed very polite.
I was satisfied with the investment I made to see the show. Today I’ll still try my hand at the good ole lottery, see if I’ll be one of the lucky few to score seats tonight. I’ll let you guys know.  🙂