Last week my aunt called. She’s been working in New Orleans, living in the Garden District. It seems that most of my family has visited The Big Easy; one of my cousins graduated from Tulane, another goes for spiffy conferences, which means that a lot of people have visited for one reason or another. Except me. So when I saw airfares from Phoenix get down to below $250 (just barely, but still), I couldn’t resist. My honey and I are heading out as soon as I get off work and before he starts his in early June, and stay for a week.


These are the things I want to do:

-go swing dancing (jazz in NOLA? YES, PLEASE!)
-go on a haunted tour of some kind
-see the cemeteries
-did I mention eat?

I want to walk around and look at these:

Maybe I’ll pretend I live there with a couple of attractive male vampires who closely resemble Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise…

I’m sorry I’ll be missing this:

And I’ll definitely be trying this:

I guess that’s all I have to say about that, so far. But keep your eyes peeled in late May and early June for some  Crescent City happenings on this blog. If you have recommendations for things to do, unknown treasures or delectable holes in the wall, leave me a comment!