Peddling my many wares at my yard sale

It’s been a number of weeks since my last trip update, so for those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, where I’ve posted flight purchases and such with many exclamation points, here’s the up-to-date scoop on my travel plans:

Remember last time I posted about our itinerary, I had to figure out what I’d be doing from July 14-Aug. 5? 

Well, I at least know what I’ll be doing from July 25-August 5. GOING TO SCOTLAND! I’ll be traveling to the Scottish Highlands, including the Isle of Skye, hopefully the Isle of Harris, Oban, Ullapool, etc. with Kat Carney, adventurer and photographer extraordinaire. (Check out her beautiful work here.) We’re hoping to hit up some beautiful hiking in the highlands, get onto the water and do some kayaking, perhaps, and we happen to overlap with the Scotland FRINGE FESTIVAL (!!!), which I’ve always wanted to check out! Very exciting.

Also, Boris and I have tickets booked from Athens to Istanbul on August 6. From there, we’ll explore a bit of Turkey until he has to leave for his program, at which point I will somehow get back to Italy by September 1 to start my WWOOFing gig! Whew. Lots of plane tickets purchased in the past couple weeks, all exciting. Still working on booking accommodation and planning for these places, but slowly and steadily it is getting done.

One thing I’m pretty excited about for Scotland–other than trying the Scotch, searching for Nessie and trying to catch some fairies in the fairy pools–is to try Couchsurfing! I know many other folks who have had a great time using it, and I’m looking forward to meeting new people and getting local advice from our hosts.

Now this is what my major to-do list looks like: 

Make a list of countries you want to see and the entry/visa requirements (This is yellow because it’s almost done)

Call regional consulate or visa office re: travel within Schengen (I think I figured it out with all my internetz)
Go to Verizon store to ask about phone options
Make doc appointments! (Made AND attended!)
Buy plane ticket (Flying Lufthansa to Athens on July 4!)

Get copy of glasses/contacts prescriptions
Buy travel insurance

Notify bank
Get a credit card(Did a lot of research, my credit card is a Chase Sapphire Platinum. I NEVER HAVE TO GO ON HOLD WHEN I CALL THEM. It’s kind of crazy)
Get wwoofing position

Research volunteer options

Go through clothing & books to purge non-essentials
Yard sale for stuff!

So much progress! And, of course, every week I’m working on my Go! Girl Guides interviews, corresponding with interesting and adventurous women from around the globe, exploring said globe!

Countdown to official departure, T minus 21 days!