Friday’s itinerary went something like this:

  • ·         Wake up at 8:30 a.m. Be able to sleep IN because of fancy light-blocking shades.
  • ·         Be leisurely. No rushing breakfast, no rushing to find driving directions, no rushing, period.
  • ·         Intend to drive to Malibu to get to the beach. Instead, go the wrong way and end up asking a postman for directions.
  • ·         Get recalibrated and drive to El Matador Beach in Malibu. Admire scenic California highways.
Exhibit 1: On the way to Malibu!
  • ·         Arrive at El Matador. Find perfect spot on the shore.
  • ·         Run into freezing cold water, mostly just to say you did.
Exhibit 2: In freezing cold water!
  • ·         Look at cool rocks and birds.
  • ·         Drive back to Thousand Oaks.
  • ·         Go on super long hike through hills and dales and valleys and to waterfalls, all the while panting behind your boyfriend’s dad, who is clearly in way better shape than you are.
Exhibit 3: Waterfall in Wildwood Park

Exhibit 4: I think we walked this entire thing. (It felt like it, at least!)
  • ·         Be concerned about hiking Mt. Olympus. Decide to “train.”
  • ·         Grill for dinner. Be proud of the amount of knowledge you actually have about cooking, including meat. Girls at the Grill power, man!