Right now, I’m based in Istanbul, Turkey until the first week of February. I’m working on writing projects, graduate school applications (only one left!) and spending quality time with my darling, as well as exploring one of the most mystical cities on the planet.

But what’s next on the docket, Miss Button? 

After struggling with where we’d go for the week-long vacation from work my boyfriend has, (we did toy with Morocco, but in the end the flight prices were too much for my current pocketbook) we are heading to a country I’ve been pumped to see for months: Croatia! Our itinerary isn’t set yet, but we are flying into Zagreb, and I think we will stay north (we only have about 5 full days there anyway, and we’d rather see more of the country than spend too much time getting from one place to the next). I’d like to hit up some places in Istria, especially Rovinj.

Then what? After a whirlwind tour of Croatia, we’ll have to part ways again and I’ll continue north to Slovenia. I’m going to hang out in Ljubljana, and also do a day trip to Lake Bled.

Pretty, huh? Source

After that, I’m going to FINALLY visit Prague, which literally every single person I’ve ever talked to who has been there says is one of the most wonderful cities ever. I hope it hasn’t been built up too much…

And if it has, I’ll roll on to Dresden, then chug on to Berlin.

Big news: On February 28th, I’ll head stateside. I’m landing in one of my favorite cities of ALL TIME: New York City. I’m planning on spending time there with friends and family, and then will take a cheap bus up to Boston & its surroundings again to see family & friends. I’ll be back in Tucson for St. Patty’s Day.

But wait, isn’t that shorter than your original trip idea? What about SE Asia? Australia? 

Never fear! I still have some wonderful adventures for 2013 in the works, many of which will involve more bumbling! Plus, I’ll continue blogging about all the wonderful things to do, places to eat and sights to see on the East Coast, back in my beautiful hometown, and wherever else I go!

Where do you want to adventure in 2013?