hola a todos,
estoy en espana. after a very very very long day and a half or so of travel i made it safely to barcelona. i got to see some of the german countryside on my way to the hahn airport, and it was beautiful. i had an adventure with my bag on one of the busses, as in, i forgot it and had a little óhmygodwhereismystuffi´mgonnacry moment but i found the driver and he gave me my bag back. it then took me about 15 minutes to find the metro, but after that i found my hostel fine. the whole time i´d been doing really well, feeling really confident about my travel prowess, until that moment with the bag. i had this overwhelming feeling of howcanisurviveineuropeforthenextfourmonths but that has passed.

one of the big differences about the us and here is organization. at home, if a line needs to be formed, it is a line. at the hahn airport there were supposed to be 2 lines, and i guess 2 lines really means mob, because it was just 150 people in a big clump. also, on the ryanair flight it was kind of funny because the head flight attendant was trying to do the safety presentation and he shushed people. that was funny. and when he landed, everyone clapped (it was a bumpy landing).

i slept for a few hours and i´m feeling pretty decent, althoúgh i´m starving. just waiting for nate to arrive before we head out to dinner. ay dios mio, i still can´t believe i´m in europe!