last night when nate arrived i had just taken a nap and so we went to eat and had a scary experience at the restaurant–there was this guy at the bar who either had a seizure and fell or fell and hit his head, causing a seizure. his head had cracked and so blood was gushing out, i´m just sitting there in the booth trying not to gag or pass out from the blood and nate, being the good guy and lifeguard he is, went to help. he was trying to tell them to keep him on his side in spanish but the bartender moved him and he hit his head and bled even more. then hte bartender took a knife and tried to put it between the guy´s teeth to keep him from choking on his own blood and vomit and the guy came to and grabbed the knife–it was just a dinner knife but still–and got up and started kind of going after the people standing around, which included nate and me so we kind of ran away and went back later to pay our bill. when we went back, an old man at the bar told us he thought the guy was on drugs or something–i think thats what he said–and that´s why he reacted that way with the knife. it was kind of freaky, but i was proud of nate for helping. we got gelato and then came back to go to bed.

que interesante.