This week was full of exams, but Wednesday was a treat. We went to Tivoli to see the Villa d’Este and Hadrian’s Villa. When we got to Hadrian’s Villa, the workers were striking in the morning so we had to drive to the other villa, where we saw the most incredible series of fountains that were inspired by other old antiquity-related stuff. One was once an organ fountain that played, another has owls and birds run around it, another has a mini replica of Rome and its monuments…and it was all powered by natural water pressure.

Hadrian’s Villa was basically the most ridiculous set of ruins I’ve seen other than the Roman forum. It was HUGE. There were baths and a little oasis-like islandy place where Hadrian would go to get away from it all, etc. etc. And he designed it, which is quite a feat, although its construction took just as long as his reign as emperor.

Tomorrow we go to Perugia with Dr. Soren, awesome UA prof who rocks. This weekend is a food festival here in Orvieto.

I hope all is well and know that I miss and love you all!