I don’t even remember what I did yesterday. Oh yeah, Cerveteri. Amazing. Tons of tombs. It was eerie because I’d walk to the mouth of a tomb and because of the coolness of the tufo rock, there are a million gnats and flies, and all these flies would be buzzing like there were still bodies in the tombs, like it was a horror film or CSI, and that was grody, but then there would be a lot of butterflies outside, which reminded me of the ancient South American whoevers (Incans, maybe?) who believed that the soul was manifested as a butterfly after death. Or something, it’s very beautiful and poetic and I’m butchering it. Also, there were these 3 adorable kittens (I know, who is this, right? Im not a cat person!) and they were soooo cute and just hanging out in the slits of the rocks and near the tombs. We called them Etruscan kitties. Or even better, Etruskitties. Or Etruscats. I am just hilarious, aren’t I?

Today I went to Cortona. Very cute. I think it’s where they filmed Under the Tuscan Sun…it’s also very steep, as it is on a hill. A steep hill. I felt like I was trudging up the streets of San Francisco but with fewer cars and even fewer transvestites…The old people there are all super cute. They kind of just sit in the mornings, on their terraces or in the piazza. I didn’t notice all of them talking much, some of them just sat and were. I kind of like that.

Tomorrow I am going to Norchia (and Sovana again, but whatever, it was sweet) with a few folks and a prof from summer session. It’ll basically be four ridiculously nerdy Classics people going to our equivalent of Disneyland. Rad.