We got this recipe from Enrico, our friend and fruttivendolo. You definitely have to have the onions for this recipe; another woman walking into the shop overheard us talking about how to cook it and she, like Enrico, insisted on cipolle. 🙂

penne pasta (or another short pasta)
2 zucchini w/ flowers
1 white onion
Parmiggiano Reggiano (or another hard cheese)
olive oil

Dice onion and zucchini and start sautéing in olive oil. Slice the zucchini flower into thin strips. When the onions and zucchini are a minute out, toss in the zucchini flowers until they’re just barely cooked, about a minute. Add to freshly cooked short pasta and grate some Parmesan cheese to taste. (Pecorino would probably work just as well.) Salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy!

**Sorry I didn’t get a photo of it…we were pretty ravenous.
***Please consider that all these recipes show ingredients enough to make dishes for 2 people (we often have leftovers, but not much).