When we were in Turkey, we were privileged to meet many kind and generous people, some of whom you’ve heard about here on the blog. For a few days our friend Mehmet came to town and we got to hang out a bit with his buddy, Levent.

Levent is a gifted photographer, and one afternoon we all took a walk along the water; Levent snapped away on his camera and some of the shots he took really encapsulated certain moments in a unique and beautiful way.

Take a look.

Istanbul Bridge

Connecting Asia to Europe in Istanbul.

Bosphorus Dog Man

This guy managed to wrangle all the strays in the neighborhood. On this afternoon, they followed him as he carried a puppy, who looked on in amusement.

Dogs of Istanbul

Here’s the dog pack playing by the water with their Pied Piper of sorts in the back.

Dogs of Istanbul

The pooches know where the action’s at in Sariyer.


My name’s Levent Can. İ started taking photograps when I was 16. İ usually use DSLR and SLR cameras. I have many old and modern cameras, but my best camera is a Sony Alfa 700p. 
İ like taking photographs in İstanbul because İstanbul has so many historical, natural and cultural places. There is a mix of modern flats and modern life but you can see old flats and bridges. If you look you can find many amazing things for your photographs, many different people,different lives. İstanbul is a magical city; the magic is in photos. 

Thank you, Levent!