I always forget these things until my old friend Italia reminds me of them. Simple, but important.

  1. The light, in the afternoon, especially, is different everywhere. Here, it is warm and reddish.

    9. Eating fresh fruit and veggies is SO GOOD.

    8. In fact, eating slowly and enjoying one’s food and company is also SO GOOD.

    7. clotheslines, where practical, are the best ways to dry clothes.

    6. Linen is one of the most comfortable textiles.

    5. No matter your religion or creed, the sight of a beautiful church facade tucked away in some forgotten pocket of the city is a treat.

    4. Language should be musical.

    3. Gesturing more while speaking must burn more calories…

    2. It pays to know your vendors, food or otherwise. Seriously, loyalty=friendship AND discounts!

    1. Twisting streets where one can easily lose oneself is the surest way to an adventure.