Never have I visited a place where boating is such an important form of travel. We took a high speed boat to Hydra and back, we took a huge ferry to Santorini and back, and those ten-hour-long day ferries can certainly be a challenge. So, these are my recommendations of what to do (i.e. things we did both on the way to Santorini and back) to keep from getting too bored on a ferry boat:

a. explore your floating hotel

b. stay hydrated

c. nap on the floor of one of the lounges

d. dry your socks (at least, until a porter tells you to move them)

e. rehash adventures

f. brainstorm short stories

g. eat a snack, preferably of ice cream

h. stain clothes with said ice cream, which, of course, is chocolate

i. chat with fellow passengers! Especially the ones with cool but nearly unintelligible Scottish accents

j. purchase a Borges story on the Kindle

k. translate and discuss said Borges story

l. if options j. and k. are unavailable, READ A BOOK for heaven’s sake! I hope you brought one.

m. ALWAYS, when possible, WATCH THE SUNSET

n. (N is for Necessary) keep good company. Time will fly. 🙂