So Sunday night I decided to try to get tickets to Upright Citizens Brigade, an improv comedy troupe. They have shows all week, but this one was free and I hadn’t the foresight to buy tickets before they sold out. The show we saw was called Assscat, and I have no idea why. The thing about free tickets anywhere is that obviously other people will want them, too. I did (minimal) research online to figure out how early we should arrive at the theatre, which is only a block or two from my aunt and uncle’s. Different people who had visited at different times of year had different advice. Some people got there around 6pm (tickets are distributed around 815) and were 44th in line. Some folks showed at 7 and got tickets just fine. So, just to be safe, Jessica and I met at 6 and lined up. 

We probably could have arrived a half hour later; we were 8th and 9th in line. Either way, we passed the time doing what we would have been doing anyway, which was talking. The difference was that we were doing it outside sitting on the sidewalk next to two very hungry Canadian kids who looked much too young to be smoking the cigarettes they had. One or the other was also always going into the store next door to get more food. At one point, he was eating brie, but just straight up, in bites. I guess I can’t blame him, brie is really good.
We successfully got our tickets, and at 930 the show started. Long form impov, at least what they did, involved a monologist telling a story based on a suggestion from the audience. Our audience suggested diamonds, and “caught red-handed.” What evolved from the guy’s monologue was an improvised representation of it, most of which was quite hilarious. UCB is sometimes  known for starting careers of comedians, and people like Amy Poehler and Donald Glover grace the stage. Although I only recognized the face of one performer (the blonde lady who’s supposedly Dutch on 30 Rock), the whole cast was very funny, and I left having laughed a lot.