Posting during my vacation in New York made me realize something: I really have missed writing on this blog! Originally I had intended for it to be purely for travel, and when I lived abroad I relished sharing my experiences with my friends at home. It was an opportunity to decompress, to inform, to make sure my parents knew I was safe and sound. It also became a happy little treat; I loved writing about the day-to-day, because in a new place, the banal experiences seemed so monumental or novel. Returning home rarely felt that way, so I figured it was not worth documenting.

 But I think now that it is important. This place where I’ve lived almost all of my 25 years is a truly unique place, and I will always consider it my home, no matter where in the world I am. So, dear readers, however small a number you may be, I am going to challenge myself to post at least once a week here. No decisions yet as to content. Probably much will be fun things to do in Tucson, seeing as I am particularly fond of directing our fair city’s newcomers to great restaurants and activities. If I travel, of course that will be the main attraction. I’m also open to suggestions and possibly (reasonable) requests. 
And with that, I leave you with an image of a silly t-shirt I found in Brooklyn last week. It reads: Arizona: Cactus, Coyotes and a few We’rdas. Here’s to celebrating them!