Geia sas, Greece!

For those of you who don’t know from previous posts and Facebook status updates, today I”m heading to Edinburgh, Scotland for 10 days of touring through the Highlands! My last days in Greece have been truly wonderful, and I am honest in saying that Greece has become one of my absolute favorite countries in which to travel. If you haven’t been here, definitely consider it for your next vacation spot. 

So, what does my Scotland trip mean for you lovely folks?

I’m not sure how frequently I”ll be posting, but I will try to at least do some photo updates as we go along. I have a feeling we’re going to try to take advantage of as much as possible, and there may not be as much down time as I’ve had lately to work on writing and photo editing, etc. But never fear! This is what you can look forward to, post-wise, in the coming weeks from Bumblings of Miss Button:

  • Why I loved traveling in Greece (and why you should give it a shot, too!)
  • My trip to Sounio, the temple of Poseidon at the southernmost part of Attica
  • Tips about how to be a considerate hostel patron
  • And, of course, all about our trip to the Highlands!
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