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For the past six weeks I’ve been admiring other travel bloggers’ submissions to Travel Supermarket’s Capture the Colour Photo Contest.  Anyone can enter, but for some reason it took me until today to decide to do so using photos I’ve taken in the past few months. I was timid about not having my many photos from previous years on this computer, but now I guess I have a number of shots that are more worth including. Besides, it’s a really fun contest idea and it has a load of great prizes.

Red: Ayvalik, Turkey. We had just taken an 8-hour bus ride from Istanbul, and were ready to resume our tradition of watching sunsets. The first glimpse we caught of it was from a tiny alley just off the water, and I practically started running to the shore when I saw how brilliant the colors were, evident just from the reflections in the car windshield. Needless to say, the sunset itself did not disappoint, but part of the beauty was the teaser that got us there.
Sometimes the preview is just as good as the feature film.

 Blue: Ankara, Turkey. We were being guided by our friend’s good-natured brother (in the navy shirt in the back), and he was the perfect embodiment of Turkish hospitality. We became fast friends with him, and he happily did everyday things with us, like taking my boyfriend (in the blue smock) to his first Turkish barber shop for a beard trim.

First beard trim with our new friend looking on.
Yellow: Sonoma County, California. I had recently quit my job to travel and write for a year, and my extended family decided to take a trip to northern California. It would be the first time that I would fly abroad and they would not be able to see me off due to the trip, so every day we spent together was truly precious. This photo was taken at one of the beaches near our rental in Jenner. At the time of this photo being taken, my father was ten feet away from me creating beautiful sand art and my mother was reading under the umbrella. It was a beautiful day, and the sands were dotted with the bodies of jellyfish. 

White: Thessaloniki, Greece. We had taken a bus to the top of the town and explored, eating fruit and people-watching in a tiny square before meandering some more. Greece is home to many white-washed buildings and many stray cats, and here I found it fitting that we spotted both complimenting each other. The cat slunk through the alleyway with the power of a miniature panther. 

Green: Isle of Skye, Scotland. It was our first day near Glen Brittle on the Isle of Skye, and we had been told that among the countless sheep dotting the countryside there were also ruins of a clan long-established in the area. We ran into another hiker and he joined us for the trek, even giving us a lift to the trail head after having known us for 10 minutes. Here the stone remains look out onto the abundant green overgrowth in what had once been the courtyard of the castle. 

And now, as part of the contest, I nominate 5 fellow bloggers to participate in Capture the Colour. Sorry for the late notices, guys. :-/ My nominees are:

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