My new best friend is Polly the dog. She hang out with me while I work around the farm, she’s my new roomie and keeps the basement apartment from getting too lonely, and she is stinkin’ cute, especially when she’s walking around and suddenly pounces on something randomly moving in the grass.

Basically, she’s the coolest dog I”ve met since I left my own snoosy goose behind in Tucson. Here are some pictures of Polly, so you can see how cute she is.

Polly is hilarious. 

Exhibit A: She wants her belly rubbed. But sometimes, whether anyone is rubbing it or not, she freezes in this position for minutes at a time. This makes me laugh.

 Polly is a good friend.

 Exhibit B: She keeps the bed warm while I’m working. How considerate! 

 Polly is one of the most adorable, sweetest dogs on the planet. Exhibits C-E.

Looking regal by the wooden sculpture garden.

My new friend Polly and me. 🙂