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This is Coco. She’s a a Cinta Senese (pronounced CHEEN-tah sin-AY-seh), which is a Tuscan breed that goes back for quite some time, probably even before the Middle Ages. The name comes from the Italian word for “belt,” which is “cinta.” (Well, really it’s cintura, but you know how language goes…)

The videographer of this masterpiece is Lenny,  the eldest of the three kiddos on the farm where I’m wwoofing. Big thanks to Lenny for his wonderful narration and camera work, and to the other featured actors in this clip: Sonny, Freddie, and Rob.

Coming soon: Video of the killer rabbit! Ducks! And *dun dun DUN* THE CAPON.

Disclaimer: No pigs were hurt in the filming of this video.