The other day I took a little day trip from Mulhouse to Strasbourg, home of branches of the EU and one of the cities considered the “capital” of Europe! Mostly I wandered around, had lunch with a friend, and took a boat tour through the canals. Check out all the beautiful things I saw during my day in Strasbourg!

Justice Building
So THIS is what fall looks like!

Market time!
Crypt of the church of St. Pierre La Jeune
Looking up from the courtyard of St. Pierre La Jeune
In the courtyard of St. Pierre La Jeune
Doing restoration work on the ceiling within St. Pierre La Jeune
Street musicians by the cathedral
I just can’t get enough of votives.
Part of the astronomical clock within the cathedral
Beautiful metal working, and people throw coins down below!
Love this sad looking gargoyle on the cathedral.
Did a cool boat tour of the city! Next time, though, I’d want to make sure I’m in an open air boat for good weather.
Little France neighborhood–this building is totally typical architecture!
Gazing out my glass cage of emotion. Just kidding. I’m on a boat!