I was never the adventurous eater on family vacations. My little brother always took that prize–he had no problem devouring snails in France and snacking on calamari. For me, it took some prodding; not because I was ever a particularly picky eater, but I have discovered that I am particularly picky about foods of specific textures, namely rubbery–hence the aversion to a lot of shellfish and other seafoods (googling that actually results in an eating disorder that children normally suffer from. Awesome.)

Basically what I’m getting at is that I’m not known for being the one to eat the unusual stuff when I’m traveling. Unless I don’t know what it is. 

For me, ignorance really can be bliss. I love hot dogs, and I know in theory they have got some nasty shiz in them, but they are so dang tasty! Don’t spoil my fun.

I enjoyed haggis in Scotland, mostly because I conveniently forgot what it was made of. 

Yum! See, I almost cleared my plate!

Well, last week I got to experience the haggis of Turkey: kokoreç

Kokoreç is a street food found throughout Turkey, and consists of offal (internal organs and entrails) wrapped in the intestines of lamb or goat. Here, it is usually served in a warm half-baguette, hot off the griddle ground up really well with diced tomatoes & peppers, topped with oregano and red pepper. For a nervous eater, this is disguised so much in its presentation you’d never know what you’re munching on. 

See? It’s just a sandwich. FILLED WITH LUNGS & KIDNEYS.


We got some the other night and ate it in the square on the waterfront. It wasn’t so bad, but I didn’t like the flavor as much as I was hoping. I finished it, though, and although I wouldn’t necessarily order it again, I’m glad I got to experience a dish that is found not only in Turkey, but through the Balkans and Anatolia. (If you’ve ever been to Greece, kokoretsi is essentially the same dish.)

Blurry pic of me and my kokoreç.

Next time you’re in Turkey, give it a shot. Happy eating, or, as they say here, Afiyet olsun!

What about you? What’s the most exotic thing you’ve eaten? Share in the comments below!