This desert gal is still getting her snow legs, and believe me, that requires taking a lot of photographic proof that snow a) sticks to the ground and b) isn’t so bad after all! In fact, it’s kinda nice sometimes. And pretty and shiny.

Here are my shots of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, in the snow. Sorry the title is misleading; I liked the alliteration.

Warning: This post is photo heavy! Let ‘er load, folks!

Nobody’s going to be sitting on that park bench anytime soon…


Here’s Ljubljana’s Tromostovje, or Triple Bridge–3 bridges crossing the river one after the other.


Sculpture of Adam (on the left) and Eve leaving the Garden of Eden.


Graffiti in the snow at Metelkova Mesto.


There’s nowhere quite like this place (Metelkova Mesto)

Playground in the snow at Metelkova Mesto.

What!? Icicles!?


I love the contrast of colors in this: white on yellow on brown on white!

Best snowman, er, woman, EVER! She looks like Mary Poppins!

Looking out over the city on the walk to the castle.

Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe much? This is the view on the way to the Ljubljana Castle.

A similar perspective as before, only higher!

These Brits were ahead of me on the path, making for a picturesque little sight. Until one of them went swinging off a tree branch.

DSC06624-001 DSC06649-001