The world is a small place. And it gets smaller as I meet more and more people across it. Here are some crazy small world experiences I’ve had in my travels…

View of the clouds

4. Prague, Czech Republic

My hometown is one of those places where you can play 3 degrees of separation from practically everyone in it. Even on the road. I found this to be true just this weekend in Prague on a free walking tour. I started chatting to a girl by me and it turned out SHE LIVED IN TUCSON. AND HAD DONE THE SAME STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM AS I HAD.

I could reference Bisonwitches and Orvieto in the same breath. We ended up hanging out for the rest of the weekend in Prague, and plan to grab a drink again when we’re both back in the Old Pueblo.

3. Ostia, Italy

On one of my many trips to Rome, I finally made it to Ostia Antica, the ruins of the original Roman port town. The site is huge, so I ended up eating lunch there so I could sustain myself for the afternoon, too. Sure enough, behind me I hear a familiar voice. I turn around, certain it’s going to be…one of my college Latin teachers!

It turned out she was working on an excavation there! She was as surprised to see me as I was to see her, and I got to check out their site, something I definitely wouldn’t have gotten to do if I hadn’t run into her.

2. Rome, Italy

Imagine Rome in summer: it’s hot, sticky, and tourists are packed into the city like sardines. Even more sardine-like is the Vatican Museums and its crowning glory: the Sistine Chapel. How crazy was it, then, that I happened to run into a childhood friend while admiring the frescoes in the chapel! I still can’t believe I saw her since we were all craning our necks and looking UP!

1. London to Amsterdam

This small-world experience was one that came just at the right time. Remember that time in London when I got the most expensive cab ride ever?

At the end of the post I mentioned that I ran into someone from Tucson…here’s the full story:

Me, totally stressed and trying not to continue crying in public after Lauren can’t get on their flight, while boarding the British Air flight to Amsterdam: Excuse me.

Guy in my row: Oh, no problem. Are you American?

Me: Yeah. Where are you from?

Guy: Arizona.

Me: No way! I’m from Arizona. Where are you from?

Guy: Tucson.


At this point, I tried to assess his age, which I am terrible at, but determined he was probably around my own age.

Me: Where did you go to high school? (This is the requisite question you ask fellow young Tucsonans.)

Guy: St. Greg’s.

Me: {Insert profane exclamation of shock} Do you know {insert boyfriend’s full name with tone of utter astonishment}!?

Guy: Yeah, we were good friends in high school!

For the rest of the flight, we chatted about Tucson, what Boris was like in high school, and more. It was exactly what I needed after the high-pressure trip from Victoria Station to Gatwick Airport.

I’m sure there are some I”m forgetting, too…Anyway, thank you, universe. Thank you, Tucson.Here’s to many more small world experiences!

Have you ever had a small world experience while traveling? Share in the comments!