Sloths are cute.

Because sloths are cute.

So. I’m back. Where have I been? Welp, back in April, I told you all I’d be heading for Costa Rica to work on a guidebook for Go! Girl Guides. 

To say it was a dream come true–writing a guidebook, getting to travel and work–is not an understatement. I’d say it’s just a regular statement, really, an a true one at that. Costa Rica was a blast, and eventually you’ll hear a lot more about my bumblings there. The photo above is a little peek into the daily ridiculousness I got to partake in. (Partake of? Just partake? Someone help me out here…)

But to be honest, I’m feeling overwhelmed with the backlog that I have from my Eurotrip & Triumphant Return Stateside (you still haven’t heard about Scorsese stuff in Berlin! And my epic week in Boston that included but was not limited to day drinking, Freedom Trailing and eating my weight in desserts! And so much more!).

No, actually this wasn't part of the day drinking.

No, actually this wasn’t part of the day drinking.

Not to mention my next endeavors, which include a big move to Pittsburgh for graduate school (!!!), where I will happily play local tourist and include you on all the insight and info I gather as I settle into the Steel City. This summer I also anticipate doing a number of I Heart Tucsons, too, seeing as it’s possibly my last summer there ( another !!!).

Rather than playing catch up right now, though, which is also a terrifying thought considering the fact that I have the rest of A BOOK to write, I figured I’d share with you my current doings. Literally. As in, what I’ve been doing this evening INSTEAD of writing this book because I have been having trouble focusing, what with all the life changes and all. Plus, the internet is just so INTERNETISTING! (See what I did there?)

Things I did today other than work:

Ok. Time to open my Microsoft Word doc window again.