I guess I like alliteration in my titles. Deal. So a few weekends ago I went down to Eugene to visit Oni and James. I hitched a ride from a friend and a friend of a friend, who had just returned from a trip to Europe and had stayed at our house. They graciously dropped me off at Market of Choice in Eugene near the freeway and I began my exploration of Eugene, Oregon, home to UofO, an awesome track team, one of the best playgrounds in the US, and lots of pretty sights.

Before I got to enjoy the company of my family, I had to deal with Verizon Wireless. Let me just say that I have so far had a great experience with Verizon. They have an awesome customer service line that lets you speak directly to real people who are almost 100% American. That being said, I guess I had some guy who was training, because this was how the conversation went:

Me: Hi, I just wanted to cancel my VCast service before I forgot about it and the promotion ended.
Verizon CS Rep: Oh, I”m sorry to hear about that. What’s wrong with the service?
Me: Oh, nothing, I just can’t afford to pay an extra batch a month and I wanted to cancel it before I forgot.
Verizon CS Rep: Well, is there anyone you can think of who would want to use the service?
Me: Um…I’m not sure…I don’t….No. No, I don’t think so.
Verizon CS Rep: Well, ma’am, I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll cancel that right away for you.
Me: Wait, I don’t mean cancel the whole service. JUST the VCast. That’s it.
Verizon CS Rep: Oh, I”m sorry, ma’am, I miss understood. So I’ll just cancel this for you…now, miss, please hang up your phone and I’ll wait for you on the other line.
Me: …Won’t it hang up on you if I hang up?
Verizon CS Rep: ….I….oh….um….hold on, please…(he probably is looking something up on the computer or debating quitting after the first day on the job)
Me: Sure.
Verizon CS Rep: Ok, it should all be set up. I am canceling your text and VCast.
Me: Text!? No! Not the texting service! (composing myself, realizing I’m being a rude customer to this poor guy who has no idea what’s going on) Just. The. VCast. That’s it. I want to keep everything else.
Verizon CS Rep: I see. Okay….(fiddles with computer) Alright, miss, you should be ready to go. Thank you for using Verizon.


Thank God Oni and James showed up as that conversation ended, because I was about to strangle that guy from the other end of the cell phone universe. Take away my texting!? The horror!

While in Eugene we did all of the following:

  • visited a rose garden (beautiful!)
  • ate salmon burgers (yum!)
  • lounged
  • watched How I Met Your Mother
  • went to Saturday Market
  • went to Nike Museum/Store (ok, that was a big joke. Online it said there was a Nike Museum, when in reality it’s just part of the entryway that has some historical facts about the founders of Nike, who attended UofO)
  • went to an AWESOME toy store called the Elephant’s Trunk and found all our toys from childhood
  • went on a pretty walk through the woods
  • found out some big baby news
  • found out some sad family news
  • ate at a McMenamin’s
  • accompanied Oni to check up on a beautiful newborn (the parents were VERY excited)
  • babysat
  • breakfasted with 2 of Nate’s friends
  • I attended an Evidence class with James (he had suggested that it woudl turn me off from thinking about law school and it definitely did NOT. The lecture was on hearsay exceptions and I felt totally on the ball and it was super interesting. Darn!)
  • Greyhounded it back up to P-land.

Overall, it was a great weekend. The weather sucked on Saturday, but whatever. I also was lucky enough to sit next to a really nice girl on the bus who let me use her iPod for the whole trip back to Portland. Thanks, Marie, wherever you are!