My hair has been getting long. I’ve enjoyed its length very much, and Brittany was nice enough to relayer it for me over winter break when she was visiting Theah. I’m pretty sure I haven’t gotten it cut since then. As such, I thought it would be a good idea to get it trimmed. Tiffany, my dear roommate, said she would love to trim my hair. After a rousing screening of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, I suggested she do so.

Scene: Our small bathroom, lit by bright fluorescent lights; the walls are pink; one wall has recently been painted to model a Mondrian; yellow plastic ducks line the tub. I am seated in a stepstool, hair soaking, Tiffany studying the back of my head like a surgeon or a master sculptor (she had recently watched a marathon of Shear Genius on TBS). Approximately one inch had been trimmed from my hair.

Tiffany: Okay, I think it’s done. Did you want me to do the layers?
Me: Uh, sure, have you ever done layers before?
Tiffany: No, not really.
Me:Well, Brittany did it before, it should be fine. Yeah, go for it.

Tiffany snipped here and there. We blew dry it and I put on my glasses. Lo and behold, one side is perfect! Looking at the right side of my hair, however, there was what seemed to be a big snippet that was a bit too chunky. Two too distinct layers had been cut, but it did not look as classy as on the other side…we both kind of looked in the mirror.

Me: Um, I think maybe we should fix this side.
Tiffany: Yeah, all we have to do is layer it up a bit, I think.
Me: Up? I dunno…I kind of don’t want you to go any shorter.
Tiffany: Yeah, you’re right. Oh, no! I ruined your hair!
Me: Don’t freak out, it’s okay. It’s just hair. We can get it fixed.
Tiffany: I won’t freak out if you’re not freaking out.
Me: Tiffany, I’m not freaking out.
Tiffany: I’ll pay for your haircut tomorrow, I promise!
Me: Tiffany, that’s fine. It’s not a big deal. Really. I might just give you crap about it for awhile.

To soothe our troubled minds, we decided midnight was as good a time as any to get completely gussied up and take model pictures. Here is one of me and here is one of Tiffany. Here is one of us together. Her camera turned out some really gorgeous pictures (she has a nice Nikon or somesuch), and I will post a few of those once I get copies.

This afternoon we went to Odango and I got my hair fixed by Heather Polishlastnameimpossibletopronounceandevenmoreimpossibletospell.

This is my new haircut. I think she did a pretty good job fixing the hole in my hair, which is I guess is what had happened. Don’t worry, Tiffany, I still love you!