After more than a year away from some of my favorite places in the world, and the roads not yet traveled beckoning, I’m off again to Europe! This time it will be seven exciting weeks, both with others and venturing alone.

First leg: Tucson to London, where my dear friend Lauren and I will explore museum after museum, eat fish & chips, try to mind the gap, walk up the Tower of London, pose like the idiot tourists we are at Madame Tussaud’s, and watch frickin SHAKESPEARE at the frickin GLOBE Theatre! Huzzah!

Second leg: London to Amsterdam, to meet up with some divine Dutch buddies. Only a few days there, unfortunately, but we’ll perhaps see the city by boat, eat some cheese, visit some more museums, etc.

We’ll part ways there, and I’ll be off to Italia to bask in all things Romani e Orvietani and perhaps a few other side trips.

July also promises a week to me in Greece–mainland and islands–to soak in with my honey, who has thus far told me he wouldn’t let me get mugged in Piraeus at nighttime. Good deal.

So, check in once in awhile, I’ll try to update as much as possible! A presto, ragazzi!