Thanksgiving 2012 in Kilkenny

My third Thanksgiving abroad went swimmingly. I accomplished so many things that I normally do on Thanksgiving:

  • Spend time with family (even if it’s via Skype)
  • Cook! The menu I planned turned out even better than I anticipated! Rory ended up doing the green beans, too, as I was busy chatting away with my family, and everything we had was really delicious.
  • OVEREAT. Our original 4-person meal turned into a 3-person one, so there was plenty of food to go around! We did finish off the potatoes and gravy, but there are definitely leftovers for today, despite our best efforts. We gorged ourselves and it was grand.

On a normal Thanksgiving, I wouldn’t necessarily go to an Irish pub for a trad sesh, but I did, and that was lovely, too. I sipped hot, spiced port and of course ran into a few other Americans. We all wished each other a happy Thanksgiving and laughed at the fact that we all managed to find each other while in Ireland.