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Ok, so those of you who know me well know I hate the cold. I’m a desert gal, after all, so for most of my life if the temperature dropped below 75 it was cause for me to bust out a sweater. “Winter” in Tucson was almost always mild, and it’d be a stretch for us to don scarves and hats most of the time. “Boot weather” is defined very differently where I came from than where I’ve been traveling lately, considering the fact that boots here are likely more necessity than fashion choice.

I think I have made a decision, though. I like fall. A lot. I might even love fall, which has stunned me at every turn. I joke to people when I tell them where I”m from that I sound like a little kid running around here. “Ooh, look at the leaves! PRETTYYYYYYY! They’re so COLORFUL!” and people just laugh and shake their heads, kind of like when Kat & I were traveling in Scotland and marveled at the plethora of rainbows overhead every other day.

So why this change of heart? A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. Here are a few to explain why autumn has seduced me.